1 vs 100 BETA

1vs100The 1 vs 100 Beta was released last night on Xbox Live. I made sure I was there bright and early for it waiting in the lobby. I was really excited and looking forward to it. Unfortunately however, I have never watched the game show or understand the rules (I’m not going to even bother trying to explain them) and so I really didn’t have a clue what was going on. I knew the One was the main contestant and he had to answer questions. But I couldn’t differentiate between the Crowd or the Mob. As it turns out I was in the Mob to begin with, but wasn’t aware that meant I could properly play! So I got a question wrong and I was eliminated. Thus ending up in the crowd. Which to begin with was extremely exciting. My brother and I were shouting at the screen and laughing at all the people getting the questions wrong. Which was very very fun.

But an hour later of the same thing it started to get tedious. Participating in the crowd, I was up against the same three players each round. I would have liked to see some other people there.. make new friends, maybe see my own friends and be able to compete against them! Also, I almost always seemed to be the leader of the round.. I got practically every single instant answer and a really long streak. Now that suggests the questions weren’t all that hard. And they weren’t. Some were stupidly hard, which is really good and makes it more challenging! But some were silly.. for example “Which TV host should you “Watch out for”? (Or something along those lines) A: Jeremy Beetle B: Jeremy Beadle C: Jeremy Beagle.” Two people in the mob did actually get that wrong..

Unfortunately as I talk more about it, I’m remembering more things I really didn’t like whilst playing. Like how I was never in the Mob. Sure sure, you have to score really high to get in.. and I was! Maybe not high enough, but I was getting some good scores. But I could see the same guy in the mob for the entire two hours playing who also got to play as the One (he was dressed as the Joker so he stood out). I’m not sure the process for selecting who plays in the Mob is so fair. I am pleased to hear that if you’re chosen as the One you can’t play again until the next season. However, the selection process for the Mob seems a bit different. If you’re eliminated does that mean you’re out of it too till next season? Or till the next round? If there isn’t any rotation to the players how are the rest of us meant to get a chance to win something? And there was over 77,000 players on last night. I hope everyone gets a chance to play.

I can see why the game was over a two hour duration as well. It took forever! After every three questions it seemed there was an “advert break”, where they actually played Xbox 360 adverts. Which to be totally honest seems pointless.. why advertise Xbox 360’s when we all own one, otherwise we wouldn’t be playing 1 vs 100 now would we? If they had taken that time and added more questions rather than waiting around I may have enjoyed it more. I am aware time is needed to pick a player to be the One and the Mob.. but every three questions just seemed excessive.

All in all.. I’m disappointed. I’ll continue playing it while it’s free (I am certainly not impressed by the whole pay-to-play scheme going on. We pay for Gold already!) and I’ll hope with it only being the Beta it will improve. The idea of winning prizes like Microsoft Points is awesome. I wouldn’t mind a quick 800MS to be honest.. but that’ll only happen if I ever get picked to be in the Mob. It is a good game.. I love playing quiz shows! Sends my heart racing. But this is just time consuming and a bit upsetting when I’m never picked to play (which sounds childish.. but completely true. You feel it too, don’t lie). I’ll be on again on Monday night for more attempts at general knowledge. Let’s see if I change my mind..

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