gearsofwarRecently when playing a game, I’ve come to a point where one of two things have happened; either I’ve got so bored I can’t bring myself to play it, or I’ve reached a point in the game which makes me want to throw my controller at the TV numerous times. So I’ve taken it upon myself to play some older games and get myself caught up on all the big titles I’ve ignored over the years. For example, I purchased Halo 3 having never played any of the previous games. Unfortunately I found myself completely and utterly lost, and a little underwhelmed by the whole fandom surrounding it. Halo fans please don’t stone me for saying that, I’m still going to give it a go before I give up all hope. However I have had much better success playing Gears of War. I’ve had the game for over half a year and never got round to playing it (well my first achievement dates back to November). But recently I’ve been playing it on Hardcore co-op. And I must say I’m really enjoying it. I’m itching to go play it now!

My game plan is playing it through to begin with as Marcus Fenix on the Hardcore difficulty. And once that’s been completed, swapping with my co-op buddy and playing as Dom on the Insane difficulty and collecting every single set of Cogs we can find. We’re currently on Act 4 where we’ve gone in search for Marcus’ dad. Unfortunately, I don’t really know WHY we’re looking for him. Maybe I just don’t understand the complex storyline or I should have stopped talking during those cut scenes. I don’t really mind so much as long as I have some Locust to shoot.

The difficulty of which has sort of surprised me. Loads of people have complained to/warned me about playing on Hardcore and how difficult it is. Which you would expect what with it being called Hardcore and everything. Now, I’m certainly not bragging, but I haven’t found it THAT difficult. There has definitely been bits which we’ve played over, and over, and over, and over again, which I’ve found we could have done with a life-saving checkpoint, but never seem to manage to grab one (and after writing this sentence I proceeded to play one small section for ages which didn’t checkpoint and had to keep playing it over and over again). For me, the bits I’ve found hardest are when it separates Dom from Marcus and we’re left to fend for ourselves. I really begin to feel the difficulty level when we’re left without the chance to revive each other (and exploding Grubs and Locust like to punch us in the face). Which makes the death system a lot more tense. But when we’re working together, it doesn’t seem so hard to take out enemies like Corpsers and Berserkers. Of course, I haven’t played Insane difficulty yet.

The most disappointing part of playing Gears of War is the multiplayer. If I had played the game when it first came out, maybe I wouldn’t feel this way so much, but there doesn’t seem that many people still playing it anymore. They’re all playing Gears 2! And I’ve been spoiled by awesome multiplayers such as Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead. Which are both first person shooters. But this just doesn’t seem up to par (obviously it is three years old as well). It’s alot more difficult than the main game. And I’m disappointed by the majority of achievements which are online. They’re all along the lines of “Kill 100 enemies with [insert weapon here]”. Unfortunately, I won’t be playing this as much or at all compared to other multiplayer games and will therefore be missing out on about 300 or so achievement points. Ah well. I am not a fan of online achievements.

So I declare Gears of War a pretty decent game. I’m looking forward to completing it and starting Gears of War 2, which I have been promised is much better and allows the other characters Baird and Cole to revive Marcus and Dom if they do down! Which would be really handy in the first one. I can’t really comment on the storyline seen as I don’t have a clue what’s going on (happens with all the games I play.. Resident Evil 5, Assassin’s Creed, Mirror’s Edge etc.), but the events which take place have been really good. And from the sounds, the second is even more cinematic and amazing.

I hope Baird gets even more blond highlights too.

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2 responses to “GEARS OF WAR”

  1. El Bobbo says :

    The reason you’re finding hardcore so easy is that your co-op buddy is awesome. GOW2 is much better, which is impressive as GOW1 was awesome in the 1st place. 2 seems a much rounder experience with character development, bigger set pieces and apparently an awesome multiplayer. Although I have never been able to connect to it.

  2. Panda says :

    When playing Gears of War i always play it with my little brother as it makes it more fun, yet when it came to completing the game on insane, it wasn’t to hard, ok there are bits that drive you ‘insane’ when you keep dying. But compared to insane on Gears 2, Gears 2 on insane is a breeze =D

    Overall compared to Gears 1, it is a much bigger improvement on the gameplay itself. Online is still really really really really terrible, i hate playing it online for the fact is one minute, you shoot someone point blank with a shotgun in the face and the don’t die?! yet the next minute they shoot you from 10 metres away with the shotgun and you explode. THATS really annoying.

    Also, like Call of Duty, Gears really needs to have a dedicated server, the amount of times ive lagged in a game just makes it unplayable, specially when most of the achievements are multiplayer bound -.-‘

    But this still is a game i cant keep off. Here is a website for you to check

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