It finally happened! I was chosen to be in the Mob on 1 vs 100!

I almost had a heart attack doing so.. but I was in the MOB!! Unfortunately, I panicked and got a question wrong.. the same question the One got wrong and missed out on winning a free arcade game (Zuma) and 400 Microsoft Points! Grr!! Which I wasn’t too pleased about.

I don’t know how I did it to be honest. I wasn’t even aware I had been chosen. It kicked me out of a game I was in with a friend, so I thought it was freaking out what with it being beta and everything. So as I signed back in, it came up and was all “Darth Telle: MOB”. I literally screamed!! There was my avatar jumping around in the Mob!! The questions for once were quite difficult as well! It was just a shame it was when I was in the Mob!!

 The fateful question was “Which is a bird?” I can’t remember the other options, but the correct answer was Mao.. which I had an inclination it was. Goodness knows why.. but it was the only one I recognised. Unfortunately I was too unsure and chose another option which was completely wrong. I’m absolutely gutted!! But there’s hope yet! If I’ve managed to get in, there’s huge chance everyone else can!!

I shall be trying again next week.. holding out hope that I can be in once more.. but hopefully with better results!! Fingers crossed!!


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6 responses to “I WAS IN THE MOB”

  1. Sam Hughes says :

    I know 3 people who have been in the mob and come in the top 3 and won a price, one of which was lee wood. Think he won some sort of arcade game.

    • Chantelle says :

      That’s awesome! Wish I hadn’t have freaked out over it. It’s good to hear people are actually winning stuff! Just wish it was me!!

  2. Super Iguana of Doom says :

    I’ve been in the Mob twice. And I came 4th once. But it was to win Zuma, which I got free in a random email, so I wasn’t too bothered. What I want to know is, can you win more than once in the Mob? Is it worth playing after, if you win? IF you win. Being in the Mob is scarier than that time I accidently fell through that vortex and found my eyeballs had been replaced by Michael Winner.

  3. Mr.Pig says :


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