beatlesrockbandChantelle’s jumping on the bandwagon. And loving it. Everywhere I’ve looked all I’ve seen is The Beatles: Rock Band. And who can blame us.. it’s an awesome game!! I’m not completely familiar with the Beatles unfortunately. I have a few of their albums and have mostly heard them blaring out of my brother’s room or in friends’ cars. But I do enjoy them! So much in fact that I got really excited over the release of The Beatles: Rock Band.

Come release day my brother was probably GAME’s only customer before 10 am. He played the game as soon as he got home, and completed the story mode not long after. I had to wait a little while however after embarking on a very long adventure on a quest for microphone stands! Eventually we purchased some awesome stands (complete with genius xbox controller clip) and began! Of course the wait was worth it. Not only was I able to play guitar whilst singing through my newly standing microphone, it’s an awesome game. Both due to the Beatles talent and good songs, and the new improvements to the actual game.

The game only includes 45 songs. More are available shortly to buy for a healthy amount of Microsoft Points I’m sure. I’d say about 2/3’s of them I either know super well, or at least have heard them a fair few times to get the gist of them. To this I’ve come to the conclusion that I much prefer their earlier work such as “I Wanna be your Man”, “Do You Want To Know a Secret” and “Can’t Buy Me Love”. The later songs I’m not as partial to. To me, they’re OK. Some are downright awful like “Birthday” and “Within You Without You/ Tomorrow Never Knows”. But I’ll make allowances for them seen as the majority of songs I enjoy. To begin with I’ve been playing the guitar and singing harmonies on medium difficulty. It takes a while to get into things.. knowing the song, watching the lyrics and strumming the right notes. But all that needs is practice. Next up is switching to hard guitar and learning to use that pesky orange button. Little finger cramp!!

The actual gameplay is also slightly better. Of course the three-person harmonies are fantastic. It involves everyone more in the song (I always feel left out.. like just playing the guitar isn’t actually contributing anything to the song) and is really cool to listen to (possibly.. in my own ears, I sound awesome). It’s tricky singing the harmonies in the right key instead of just singing the main part and can go horribly wrong, but that’s still kinda cool. I’d like to see this feature  in the next Rock Band (which I believe has been announced). Along with the pretty scrolly thing where the notes come down on. Obviously it’s in the Beatle’s “style”, but it still looks loads nicer and fresher and easier to see (except when you have bass groove AND Beatlemania activated).

The one little niggle I have about it are the achievements. Which many have said to me they aren’t bothered about because they’re so in love with the game and all that mop-tops stand for, however.. I like to score more than 100-200G on a game. Which is about all I assume I’ll be obtaining seen as most of the achievements are to complete the majority, if not all, the songs on Expert with 100%. Well I can’t get past 10% on Expert.. so I don’t have high hopes about completing it. I am extremely impressed by the in-game achievement viewer however. I LOVE games with them because they show me loads of cool statistics and allow me to track my progress. Awesome. Seriously. Developers hear this.. in-game achievement viewers = Chantelle’s favourite games.

So there we go. I’m a screaming fan-girl. And I’m darn-tooting proud. And I think I’ve sufficiently completed this blog post without using any cheesy Beatle song titles cleverly hidden within it.

Oh and also.. I’d like everyone reading this to Google Guitar Hero: Beatles because if it was Activision.. it’d be totally true.

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3 responses to “THE BEATLES: ROCK BAND”

  1. Mr.Pig says :

    A Hard Days Oink!
    Don’t Let Me Oink!
    Do You Want To Know A Oink!
    8 Oinks A Week!
    I Saw Her Oinking There!
    Oinking Can’t Buy Me Love!
    Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Oink!
    With A Little Oink From My Friends!
    Helter Oinker!
    Doctor Mr.Pig!

  2. IntelligentAl says :

    Best Game Ever.

    Songs are awesome, game is awesome, Beatles are awesome, I am awesome…

    Thank you Harmonix, you have completed my life.

  3. IntelligentAl says :

    Also, here’s hoping for a second coming of Beatlemania!

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