eurogamerWho’d have thought sitting all day playing games would be so exhausting? I sure didn’t. And I don’t mean a normal gamerwhore session. I’m talking about the Eurogamer Expo 2009!! Nine hours of playing pre-release and new-release games and chatting up developers and reps. It was alot of fun. Let me explain..

It was the second day of the Leeds expo. We’d queued for maybe only half an hour. And we were let loose into a room full of Xbox and Wii pods and giant TVs with that other console attached to. We played games such as Avatar, AvP, Rabbids go Home, MAG and Blue Toad Murder Files. We also went to a Splash Damage talk on their new game Brink and made friends with some guys who work at Ubisoft over paninis. Unfortunately I had a full-on geek attack in front of them, but they seemed to like us anyway. Being a games programmer wannabe too, I talked to some guys from Ubisoft Reflections on getting placements in the industry and they were wonderful and lovely and helpful! It was a lovely and exciting experience!

Chantelle’s Top 5 Eurogamer Expo Games
1) Assassin’s Creed 2eurogamer4
Apparently the demo we were playing was a few months old, so our new Ubisoft friends didn’t think it was as awesome as what the final build is (yeah they’ve already been playing it). But after waiting for ages to play it I totally loved it! The free-running was very similar to AC1, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with that! The fighting followed the same principle, but the new weapons and disarming ideas were fantastic! I saw Ezio disarm a guard with an axe and then planted it straight in his balls. Awesome. Then I managed to break it. Ezio fell through a patio and kept falling, and falling.. and falling. Whoops. But I got to have a second play through because of it!
I also got shouted at for taking a picture of it. Tee-hee.

2) Left 4 Dead 2
Technically I didn’t play this at the expo. But I played the same demo the night before with the GAME pre-order bonus demo. It’s fantastic! The friends I played with didn’t seem to quite enjoy it as much as I did. But that’s their loss. We were introduced to the new Special Infected such as the Jockey, Spitter and Charger. All three made me scream or squeal at some point. The melee weapons took some getting used to as well, but they seem really cool. I also started to get a feel for the new characters. The intro video is superb. Valve should consider making some movies. Left 4 Dead movies. But the characters have a lot to live up to after Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis, so it was nice to play as them a bit. I’m really excited for this!

eurogamer23) Heavy Rain
I managed to play both Heavy Ran levels (before I crashed them too), and I really enjoyed them. There seemed to be a mixed bag on what everyone thought, probably cos everything is played by quick-time events. I thought that was really good though because it just felt like watching a slightly interactive movie! The graphics were fantastic! They were very realistic. Again.. it was PS3 though, so who knows if that makes much of a difference. I’m going to keep a close eye on this game. It looks really interesting. Who doesn’t love a good murder game? But who does love a purely quick-time-based interactive movie-like game? Hmm.

4) SAW
I really did not expect to like this. Or be interested at all. But as I was watching people play on it, there was something so intriguing about it! Now I’ve never seen the movies, but the game looks good. It reminds me of a game, but I can’t remember what game! Basically from the gist I got, you run around an abandoned hospital, you have to search for items to help you, and solve puzzles some guy called Jigsaw has set for you in order to escape his game. Well I enjoyed it. I can bet it would be terrifying playing by yourself at night. It has that atmosphere. I’d compare it to a dark stallion. You know.. like sneaking up and not expecting it to be as good as it was. Yeah.. a black horse.

5) Split/Secondeurogamer3
From Black Rock Studio, the guys who made Pure, comes this awesome little golden nugget. Split/Second is a racing game.. but you blow stuff up too! There was only one track around an airport but I played it a few times because it was just so good! I was blowing stuff up and caused other drivers to be crushed by rubble, changing the layout of the track and at one point I was almost crushed by a crash-landing plane. The graphics were also amazing. They looked shiny and beautiful. Especially considering the game isn’t due out till Spring 2010. AWESOME. It looks like a fun and crazy driving game.. none of this race track pro driving stuff. Just blow stuff up.

So following the twitter thread #ThingsILearntFromEuroGamer, I’ve learned that I never want a PS3 (why are the trigger buttons upside down?!), and that I really want to go next year! I really enjoyed being able to play pre-release games, it got me waay more excited for them and gave me a taste for games I may not have considered to begin with. I was also impressed there were games there that were already released and gave me a chance to try them such as Uncharted 2. WET was there too.. but no one would allow me to play it. :/ Even better was the fact game companies and reps were there, and I talked to them and they gave me loads of cool information and it made me feel awesome when they referred to me as a junior programmer! GET IN! I’m totally booking my tickets for next year.. well.. whenever they start selling them. Cos otherwise I couldn’t buy them.. obviously.

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4 responses to “LEEDS EUROGAMER EXPO 2009”

  1. darthmaven says :

    EuroGamer was awesome with some super cool titles. I played on most of the Games OFC Mass Effect 2 was by far the best Game there. As you can see we were all having fun with the New Super Mario it was awesome!!!

  2. Mr.Pig says :

    I tried to get out of my sty for Eurogamer but the lock is too high up. However, being an intelligent pig, I managed to create a sort of vortex that let me teleport from the comfort of my IKEA piggy sty, straight into the Saville centre in Leeds. However, I did get my calculations wrong and ended up in the EA Hub. After a check sing on “Oink Days A Week” I trotted my way into the expo and played games. My faves were;

    “Unoinked 2: Among Swines”
    “Piggies Go Home”
    “Assassoink’s Creed 2”
    “Marioink Bros”
    “Aliens V Piggies”
    “Heavy Rain, coz it gets my field nice and muddy.”


  3. joerayw says :

    No wii love 😦

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