I’ve never really been a big fan of Transformers. I can’t actually tell the difference between Starscream and Jetfire. So I was abit apprehensive picking up this game. However, I needn’t have worried.. This game delivered.

It’s a short game, so unless you’re a hardcore Transformers fan who won’t mind slaving away in multiplayer mode, pick it up as a rental for the single-player. It’s true what they say, it feels like a Gears of War game. It has epic set pieces, good combat, and the characters mesh well. But because it involves alien robots, it shakes things up abit!

There are ten levels in single-player; five where you play as a Decepticon, and the remaining five as an Autobot. The Decepticon levels begin the story, describing why there’s a war on Cybertron at all. After wreaking havoc and being very destructive you play as the Autobots trying to defend their planet. I felt really guilty seeing all the stuff I had done as a Decepticon, and I never felt bored playing through the levels. Occasionally it felt abit same-y; shooting the same robots over and over, but the storyline made it entertaining.. flying missions, boss levels, giant dino-bot levels. I even rode a slug at one point. Yes.. you read that right. Transforming was pretty cool too. It felt awesome running around shooting guys and then leaping and transforming into a car and racing off! It just had that cool factor. The animations on the Transformers were very impressive too. Watching them transform, like I said, was incredibly cool, but also seeing bits and pieces moving all over the place on the backs of Optimus and Megatron was like icing on a cake. Everything just looked good.

So negative things? Hard isn’t that hard.. give it a go. Get some points. Until you get to the last giant boss of doom of course. He caused me to turn down the difficulty and lose out on 45 achievement points! Gutted! Otherwise.. I really enjoyed Transformers: War for Cybertron. I wasn’t bothered about playing co-op or multiplayer, so for a rental I had plenty of time to play single-player and get a decent score from it. I also learned an important lesson; Jetfire is a good guy, and Starscream is not.

So who’s this Beak Breaker?

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  1. Mr.Pig says :

    Transform-oinks, piggies in disguise!

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