Considering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was possibly more hyped up than all the previous Call of Duty’s, and took more than ever during the first five days (over $775 million), I expected more than what I got. “More than what I got”? That sounds like I bought it. HA! No chance. No offence Infinity Ward but I’m not spending £45 of my hard earned cash on a game I completed on Hardened in 8 hours. Yeah that’s right.. 8 hours, and that was with all 46 pieces of Intel. There’s no doubt it was a massively intense and action packed campaign, but it felt exactly the same as the past two Modern Warfare’s.

I’m not one of those gamers who lives and breathes for Call of Duty. You know.. one of those. I worked the midnight release of Modern Warfare 3.. I saw PLENTY of those gamers. But I do enjoy a good FPS which makes me feel I’m a badass with a gun, and Call of Duty happily fills that slot. I’ve played every Call of Duty since the first one back on PC (yes.. I’m a hipster CoD player.. but that’s talk for another article), and I’ve enjoyed the way they’ve progressed. But I’ve always predominately been a single campaign player. Every now and again I’ve jumped on multiplayer with friends and giving all those zombies and 12 year olds a good beating, but there’s more to games than multiplayer. Which is something those gamers and even the developers need to understand. I haven’t even touched the multiplayer for Modern Warfare 3 and I don’t have the intention to. I don’t even care about playing Spec Ops on this one whereas I CANED it on Modern Warfare 2. So this review is going to be entirely about the single player campaign. Sorry.. I’ve never even prestiged once.

As far as story line goes I vaguely remember from the previous two Modern Warfare’s there’s two evil Russians who are trying to take over the world or something? I threw a knife into one of their faces in the last game and every character I’ve ever started forming a bond with has been killed in the line of duty. So in this one, I assume the story (and this is after I’ve finished it) goes something like this: “Russia is invading America, STOP THEM! Russia is invading Britain, KILL EVERYONE! Captain Price somewhere along the line has been black listed by the British army(?) but he and Soap and a new guy called Yuri are chasing after some guy called Makarov who’s the evil mastermind behind some evil Russian gas which kills everyone, KILL HIM.” Get the picture? Me neither. True to the CoD story progressions, you switch between multiple characters in different countries and situations and carry out their missions. I like this.. it shakes things up and keeps things jazzy.

And I have to admit there are some amazing scenes along the way which are AMAZING. Stuff blows up, things explode, action packed chaos! I’m going to talk about some particular levels in the game now.. but trust me, there’s no spoilers. No one understands the storyline anyway. In one particular level (and I’ve no idea why) you’re the Russian presidents bodyguard. ON A PLANE. So there I am, happily protecting the President when we’re attacked mid-flight (?!) by other Russians (?!) and I have to protect the President and kill as many bad guys as I can. Sounds like any other level, right? But then BOOM! I’m floating around as the plane experiences zero-gravity! Bodies are getting slammed into the roof and floor and I’m being thrown all over the place whilst trying to kill the bad guys who are shooting at me! When that happened it was pretty epic. Another really cool scene was fighting through the London Underground. You’re on a tube train and you’re racing with another tube train full of bad guys and we’re having to avoid crashing into OTHER tube trains and kill the guys on another tube train. It’s crazy! And then you have to fight your way out of a tube station. And where do you emerge? No other place but at Big Ben!! The final level was less epic however. I can’t remember how MW1 finished, but I remember MW2 ended with knife-in-the-face-river-rafting, so if I remember that, it’s got to be good, right? MW3 was more brutal. But tamely so. It was the whole crazy race against “time” to get the bad guy with a couple of quick time events and some crazy interactive cinematic bits. And then the obvious happened. I admit when I played it I was HOOKED. And then it finished and that was it. I didn’t feel the sense of accomplishment. It was just another Call of Duty under the belt. Done. Donezo. Finished. Now what? Surely there’s no more room for another Modern Warfare sequel!?

It’s a shame. Call of Duty is a fantastic franchise for sure. But I think they’ve forgotten about us hipsters who actually play the game for the campaign and not multiplayer. I don’t care if I can upgrade my weapons or buy contracts! I care about blowing some hard-AI NPC’s up in an engaging storyline. Well.. I got to blow up some bad guys, that was cool. And I invaded a castle at one point. That was really cool too. But I completed it in maybe two and a bit sittings. I remember sitting and playing the original PC CoD’s for HOURS. For so long, it used to go dark on me and I couldn’t tear myself away to close my curtains and turn the light on. Despite my nostalgia, it’s a good, cracking game. But it’s EXACTLY the same as the past two Modern Warfare’s. I’ll throw Black Ops in there too. It’s exactly the same. With the exception of World at War, but I LOVE World War 2 games and I think they should make more of them. Imagine a new Call of Duty game which revisits the D-Day Normandy beach landings again but with the newer engine and awesomeness? God, I’d buy THAT on release. Basically, what I’m saying is: don’t buy Modern Warfare 3. Pssh, no.. you can buy it, but don’t expect a long single player campaign. Or anything different. Who knows? Maybe multiplayer is the be-all end-all of playing games. But then I’d be one of those players, right?

P.S. The worst way to die in Modern Warfare 3? A helicopter landed on me. Man that sucked.

P.P.S. This is how I worked the midnight launch of MW3. Do I look like Soap?

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