avatar-bodyHi, I’m Chantelle. My gamertag’s Darth Telle. Add me!

Hi, I’m Chantelle Porritt, I’m 22-years old and hail from the North East of England. I graduated from the University of Teesside in 2011 with a BSc inComputer Games Programming. When I grow up, I want to be a games programmer. You can find my portfolio here. I also write about the games I’m currently working on here.

Like many others, my passion for games development is inspired by how much I enjoy playing games. I am open-minded to all types of games (although my favourites include zombies and explosions) and enjoy trying new ones, alot of new ones.. my Xbox gamerscore is over 74,000! I have also attended gaming events such as GAMEFest and Eurogamer Expo in Leeds and London. When I don’t have a game controller in my hands, you’ll find me jogging or with my nose in a book. I love reading classical literature, adventurous apocalyptical stories and romances involving sparkly vampires.

.. can you tell I stole that off my portfolio website?

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