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rockbandRock Band + Band in a Box = £80. Thank you GAME!

My brother and I are starting up a Tour under the clever name of “The B Sides”, starring myself as lead singer and him as top-notch drummer! Global domination is coming slowly but surely with the purchase of our Tour Bus and growing fan population! Rock Band has partially solved our many long and empty days.

Playing in a band is good fun.. but it’s only half the game. I started two solo careers; Guitar and Drums both on Hard thinking everyone knows the huge difference in difficulty between Rock Band and Guitar Hero (of which I can manage a Medium career), but playing through on Medium career on Rock Band is so painfully slow and dull. Unfortunately, Hard is still a huge step up on Rock Band and the orange button still continues to elude me. My hand just isn’t quick enough and gets all confused! I completed the first five songs or so.. and then decided it was time to revert back to Medium. The same happened with my Drum career. Ultimate fail. So I’m playing through on Medium. Which won’t get me those hardcore cool points but I’m having more fun with it. Sure, it’s really not that difficult but I have a clever plan.. complete career on Medium and then when I am super awesome at playing Guitar/Drums.. level up and play Hard!! Fool proof.

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