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ghostbustersSony. I’m not a fan. Not because I think the PlayStation 3 is a less superior machine, but because I’m not impressed with their range of games, anorexic controllers, and general manner. In an effort to win one over on Microsoft they’re delayed the release of Ghostbusters on the 360 in Europe, therefore making it exclusive to the PS3 (at least till October).

Well Sony.. HOW COULD YOU!? Do you have no soul?! I’m not going to go out and buy a PS3!

Whatever. That doesn’t matter. I foiled their evil plan. I am lucky enough to know someone who bought a copy from abroad, meaning I was able to get my own grubby little hands on it too! And wow.. I am so glad. Ghostbusters is a fantastic game. It’s not a long game.. I inadvertently hardcored my way through it and managed to complete it in about 7-8 hours. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m really looking forward to a second play through!

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