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left4deadcrashcourseI love you Valve. Everyone had their doubts.. but I had faith. That’s right, Valve have announced the first REAL DLC for Left 4 Dead (by real I mean hard-cash-paid-for-new-content-REAL)!! I am extremely excited. As much as I can’t wait for Left 4 Dead 2, I am not ready to give up on the original characters just yet. I have bonded after many hours of gameplay with Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill.

So a little background; the new DLC is called “Crash Course” and is meant to bridge the gap between the campaigns ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Death Toll’. The main purpose is to give players an awesome Versus experience (which is a good game mode.. but not what I play for), and is also playable on Survival and Campaign mode (YAY)! Valve say it’s meant to be a straight up 30 minutes game play and the AI director has been tinkered with. Well it’s available in September and it’s going to cost 560 MSP, or £4.76 in human currency.

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Assassin's CreedI received Assassin’s Creed two years ago for Christmas. I had fallen in love with it before it was even released so I set the standard pretty high. I wasn’t disappointed. At the time I was writing an A Level History essay on the Third Crusade as well, which added to my excitement. I remember spending all day playing it.. I even missed playing in the snow for Altair. But after I completed it I never picked it up again. Until now!

With the release of Assassin’s Creed 2 constantly on my mind I decided to replay through the storyline. And in the process collect all the flags and kill all the Templar’s. No small task when there’s 420 flags and 60 Templar’s. Well those little flags have become exceptionally tedious to me. But after three days game play and completion I’ve only got 100 flags and 30 Templar’s left to find in the Kingdom. I’m going to save that for a little while.. I’m seeing flags in my sleep.

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