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My name’s Chantelle. And I like games. So much so I’ve decided to write about them. As it happens I had to have surgery approximately four days ago and now I find myself with a lot of time on my hands. Perfect timing! Seen as I’m not allowed to work or do pretty much anything I can gush about my favourite games!

I’m 19 years old, own an Xbox 360 and study Computer Games Science at university. My gamertag’s Darth Telle. Add me! I like to shoot things.. preferably zombies. I have a bit of a reputation.. I like gamerscore. I like hearing the little bling of achievement! Don’t judge me. Yes, I have played Avatar. And King Kong. And for the record, King Kong scared the life out of me. But I can be hardcore; I spent about 25 hours trying to complete a campaign without being vomited on by a Boomer. Those 30 points were totally worth it. I can be hardcore when I want to.

So this blog is just a bit of fun. I’m not out to become a serious game blogger. My goal is to actually create them (still a long way off). I’m not here to offend anyone. Games are awesome and I love them. They take up more life than my parents are happy with. So happy gaming!